LINUX Formulations Private Limited is an ambitious, dynamic and prominent pharmaceutical products manufacturer, to develop advanced and novel drug products with highest quality standards are the core of our corporate strategy. Our aim is to nourish/enrich the lives of the people with innovative and effective health care offerings. It is further reinforced by deploying an exceptionally qualified team of medical scientists, regularly upgrading our production facilities as per stringent international regulatory requirements. International stringent regulatory authorities approved production facilities and backed by agile and efficient distribution channel. We also are in the process of submitting 600 dossiers and registering our products across the globe.


People & System Oriented International Pharmaceutical Company.


To become a 100 million USD Organization by 2025.

Our innovations are driven by strong philosophy of producing advanced and novel products for unmet patient needs. Our conscious efforts are towards bringing access to highest quality health care products and touching lives of humans who need it the most in both mature and emerging markets of the world.

Our Core Values

  • Undisputed hard work
  • Impeccable integrity
  • People oriented


Our commitment to business ethics, fairness, honesty and transparency is equally important to us, as is to achieving business success. At the end of each day, we want to be proud not only for the goals we have achieved, but also for the way we have achieved them.


We believe we can make a difference only by thinking beyond the obvious. Prior to every action we take, we always consider new paths, so as to bring true value to the healthcare community, to patients and their families.

Commitment to Excellence

We always aim high and demand the best from ourselves and our partners. Success does not make us complacent. For everything we do, we always question ourselves whether there is a better way to do it, and if there is, we follow it.

Respect for human life

We are guided by our commitment to serve human life throughout the world for every human being. To provide the medical community and patients with the most advanced therapies. To provide our employees with the recognition, job security and career prospects that each one deserves. To give back to society, so as to improve the life of those who need it the most.