Field Force Coordinators

Field Force Coordinators are the channel for the process.

  1. 1) CRM – Customer relationship Management
  2. 2) Travel Desk & Accommodation
  3. 3) Arrangements for Event handling

The pharmaceutical industry is changing with unprecedented speed and significance. With the size of the field force at an all-time high and a growing array of marketing channels, there are more ways than ever for pharmaceutical to reach customers. These mostly positive trends are not without challenges. While the number of reps has continued to increase, their access to physicians has decreased. Demands on physicians’ time have reduced the average sales call to two minutes or less, and concern over the propriety of certain marketing strategies has resulted in ethical guidelines that further restrict the ways firms can sell their products.

These developments are prompting a reevaluation of how the sales force is managed. Firms can no longer give reps product information and basic regulatory compliance training, and then send them out into the field with great expectations. To be successful in this changing environment, sales efforts must be focused, coordinated and backed by timely use of information.